Usefulness of Taking IT Classes in Any Sub-Subject

So you think that knowing a few things about computers and software functions makes you an IT pro? Well, there is much to learn in an IT class that you may never know about if you miss out. For you to fully understand and score high in

Setting Up a Graphic Design Side Income

If you are in need of quick cash and are looking to make some money on the side, then this article is going to help you put your graphic designing skills to good use. Sell Unused Files This is the first step. When you are working with

Site Design Aspects to Consider Before Launching

Maintaining a website on the Internet for various purposes can be a tricky task, especially if those who intend to launch the website have little to no experience in coding, networking and website maintenance. This page will cover some of the aspects to consider when one is

How to Hold Meetings Online

Online meetings are held using the Internet as a medium of communication. Instead of having meeting attendees gather in one physical location, sessions are created virtually and are only accessed by login credentials. Software for Video Conferencing There are many softwares available for organizing online meetings. Some

Popular Universities to Learn How to Code

Sure the younger generation believes that they are digital natives but you just because you can read, or use an app, does not make you native in a particular language. If you really want to become fluent in computer language you have to learn how to create

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Will the Design of a Website Cost? There is not a prompt answer to this question. It all depends on your wishes. A website based on one of the templates will be less expensive, and one designed from scratch, with different gadgets (shop, app page)

What Clients Say About the Studio

“We are very satisfied with the professional website services we got. Don’t do it yourself when you can get so good services, with outstanding results for a small budget. The members of the team amazed us with their vision on our company website. They promptly answered to

Meet the Team

Stefan and Michael are the owners of the studio. Stefan has studied graphic design and Michael is a developer, graduate from the same university. Since high school, the two have been friends, and after graduation, seeing that their skills are compatible for complete web design services, they

Web and Virtual Reality Applications

Several custom applications have been developed for a wide variety of subjects, because it has been noticed that some apps are typically encountered across many projects. Preset applications are created, to save from the development time and your budget. Content management systems are mainly databases. They can

Coding, SEO and Technical Support

Every website has a series of elements that support the visual elements. Take the content. For a big website, you need a good site map development, content planning, writing or the text, editing and keywords analysis. You might say that you already have it. However, the advice