Do you need a logo for your business? Do you want to update your old graphic, but you are emotionally attached to it, still you feel you need a fresh air to it? Or perhaps you want to start over, with a new twist on your looks? You’ve come to the right place!

Graphic DesignBut first you should become accustomed to some notions. A logo is a graphic sign that symbolises the trademark for a person, company or organisation. Sometimes, the logo works that well, that you don’t need the name of the company aside to it to recognise it. That is the goal of every design. A logo can be a graphic sign or purely typographic, composed only from specially designed letters.

Brand identity is referred to the application of the logo on different materials associated with a company. It can be as simple as the logo printed on the top of a piece of paper, called letterhead. A complete brand identity is the personalisation of different materials, with the purpose to recognise a brand even if you don’t see the logo. For example, if the the colour or graphic style of an envelope can be attributed to a company, without looking at the logo, it means the brand identity is powerful.

The brand is another complicated story. It is the complete package composed of the logo, the full visual position created by the brand identity, the content, message and the story telling of a company. It is not strictly related to the design aspects. The brand is how you define and promote a company, and how the others perceive it.

If you need to revive your logo, or design it from scratch, advices are in the store for you. A material selection will be recommended to you, so that you construct a strong brand identity. The focal point here is the graphic material, but aside to it the storytelling and the correct build up of the core values your business relies on.