How Much Will the Design of a Website Cost?

Frequently Asked QuestionsThere is not a prompt answer to this question. It all depends on your wishes. A website based on one of the templates will be less expensive, and one designed from scratch, with different gadgets (shop, app page) will cost more. You will be asked many questions about your business and after a first evaluation, a price will be communicated to you.

How Long until the Website is Online?

The average time spent on a website design is six to eight weeks. But again, it all depends on your wishes and the complexity of the project.

Does the Client Have to Be Present for the Changes?

Of course not! There are so many solutions to talk to a person far away, that actual presence is not necessary.

How Much Input Can the Client Give?

Your ideas and feedback on how your website should look are always welcomed. The perfect solution for your project will be illustrated only with feedback. You will be asked a lot of questions in the beginning, just to get a grip on your wishes, and the work starts from there to develop the right website.

Is Maintenance Included after the Design is Finished?

Usually, a discount package with maintenance included for different periods will be presented to you. But you can be taught minimal actions and you can change yourself some parts of the website.

When is Payment Due?

You need to pay 25% to start the project. The rest of the 75% is due when the website is ready to launch. Checks, credit cards and Paypal are all valid for payment.

Who Will Print the Materials?

For the printed services: business cards, posters and other materials, an on-line print shop is used. It is a common solution to have quality prints shipped right to your front door.