host-web-conference-1Online meetings are held using the Internet as a medium of communication. Instead of having meeting attendees gather in one physical location, sessions are created virtually and are only accessed by login credentials.

Software for Video Conferencing

There are many softwares available for organizing online meetings. Some of these platforms are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Online, Meeting Burner,, Jabbster, Go to Meeting, Twiddla, Vyew, Huddle, Show Document, 321Meet, Fuze Meeting, Zoho Meeting, Skype, and even Gmail Hangouts. These platforms help those logged in the meetings to share content in real time, collaborate on images, share files, and documents. There are screen sharing, voice notes and activity tracking features available too.

Prepare the Meeting

As the chairperson, you need to prepare for the meeting. Decide the software to use for the meeting and point it out to the audience. You also need to know the agenda and the type of information to be shared. Send the agenda before the meeting time to all the attendees. The login information should be sent a day before the meeting.


A right protocol is crucial in online meetings. Give attention to the participants the same way you would if you were sitting in the same room. Do not get distracted by your phone or emails. It is unethical to eat or sip something when the meeting is on. Avoid shiny jewelry and striped clothes. Your body movement should be minimal.

Concentrate on One or Two Things

Concentrating on one or two things will help you stay focused and avoid any form of distraction. Avoid making unnecessary noise and keep each part of the meeting short and precise, to the point.

The cheapest way of holding online meetings is by creating private chat rooms with an audio overlay. The chairperson creates the private chat room and invites attendees to join the room. The meeting is held by typing messages and using the audio function. The advantage of online meetings is to be in a position to hold them anywhere and anytime, and this fact could be a disadvantage too.