TeamStefan and Michael are the owners of the studio. Stefan has studied graphic design and Michael is a developer, graduate from the same university. Since high school, the two have been friends, and after graduation, seeing that their skills are compatible for complete web design services, they decided to start up this studio. Today, they work side by side with the rest of the staff to deliver great services.

Mary is the head designer. She oversees that all the products going out of the studio are of highest quality and fitting to the client’s briefs and needs.

Darren has an outstanding talent in designing logos and identity solutions. He will always look upon your needs and design clever and catchy solutions.

Jeremy is the specialist on the web design layout. He knows to use the appropriate elements, color themes and styles to highlight your business’s profile.

Claire is writing code for the content generated by the designers, when you choose to have complete web design services, instead of the template design.

Annie knows everything about SEO. She works up her magic so that your website will get Search Engine Optimisation in no time. With this service, your existing clients and future customers will always find you easier on any search engine.

Francesca is in charge of the copyright section. She is the one that will carefully craft your words for the content of your website. Depending on your needs, she can either polish up your existing text, or write everything from start to finish. She studied at the Faculty of Letters and has all the attributes necessary to write any kind of text for any kind of business.

Aaron, the accountant is the one that will always hand in your bills. He’s a great guy, that will always look up to your interest and offer you the best promotions with the service packages.