Sure the younger generation believes that they are digital natives but you just because you can read, or use an app, does not make you native in a particular language. If you really want to become fluent in computer language you have to learn how to create computer apps, or write code. We are not trying to promote a generation of MIT -schooled computer programmers here, we are just merely stating that when you learn how to code you learn how to think creatively, problem solve and gain a deeper understanding of technology and how it fits into our lives.

shutterstock_234597538How do I Decide Where to Study?

One of the best things about coding is that the language is universal. No matter what your native tongue is you can travel to any country and enrol in a coding program that will teach you how to become fluent in computer language. For those of us with an insatiable appetite for technology and travel, this news couldn’t be better. The only thing holding you back is deciding where to study. This is where you need to utilise the School Apply website. Simply visit and enter your search criteria and a list of schools will become available for you to pursue. Scroll through them and make your choice.

Best Options for Coding at University

If you like the idea of travelling to America check out MIT, Stanford, Carnegie University, Harvard and Berkely; all listed in the top 10 QS World University rankings. If you prefer to travel to the UK, two top names are Oxford or Cambridge, also in the top 10 QS rankings. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology sits in 8th spot and following in a close 9th is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The National University of Singapore and The University of Melbourne make excellent choices as well. Regardless of what your taste is for travel there will be a university suited to your specific needs on