nyfa-graphic-design-1400x500-1If you are in need of quick cash and are looking to make some money on the side, then this article is going to help you put your graphic designing skills to good use.

Sell Unused Files

This is the first step. When you are working with a number of clients, you design a lot of stuff but most of it is never used by your clients. This results into a lot of unused files on your computer. You can begin by clearing out these files and selling them online in packs of 50 or more for other people to use as inspiration for their own assignments.

Teach a Class

You can make a lot of money on the side by hosting a seminar to introduce yourself, showcase your work and then ask students to join your weekly or bi-weekly designing classes to learn how to design. This will help you keep up to date with the latest technology and skills in your field while making some decent money.

Become a Consultant

If you have a lot of experience in your chosen field and have a good portfolio, then you can also consider becoming a consultant for a well-known company. Instead of finding students on your own, as a consultant you will be hired as a teacher to help others learn and duplicate your skill set. Being a consultant is a very lucrative job and pays well. It is also very flexible as you can choose the timings and the number of hours you will devote to the cause.

Blog to Market Your Skills

Blogging is a great way to market your services as a graphic designer. It will not only keep you engaged, but it will also help you find tons of new customers. Blogging will open new doors of revenue as you could make a lot of money by promoting other related products, too.